JORD Wooden Watches (My New Favorite Accessory!)

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I hope your week is going well, and that it is filled with joy during whatever season of life you are in. I am currently in a busy season of life, but I am learning to find joy in the little things by taking moments in more slowly, but also setting aside time to be productive and get my list of to-do’s done. Productivity has become easier with the help of my new timepiece!

JORD Wooden Watches: Practical and Stylish

It has been so helpful in the chaos of being a college student, wedding planner, blogger, etc. to have my new JORD watch for a quick glance at the time! I have never been one to wear a watch because I almost always have my phone to check the time, but you would be amazed by how much more convenient it is to have the time right there on your wrist (spoken like a true millennial). But seriously, I am now loving the ease of checking the time throughout my busy day.

The beautiful wood watch is more than practical though, the minimalistic timepiece has been such a fun accessory to pair with all my outfits! I love how the wood is such a neutral accent and matches just about anything I wear. The JORD brand offers unique men’s and women’s watches with so many options and personalizations for your own style and personality. (*a little psa: JORD even has a wood watch series for the Apple Watch wearers!) I chose the zebrawood & maple wood watch from the fieldcrest series because it has a simplistic style with its soft, neutral tones and subtle contrast between the light wood face and the warm wood band.


If you are interested in having a beautiful wood watch of your own, I am currently partnering with JORD Watches to do a $100 gift-code giveaway to use on their site! Here is the giveaway link to enter, and everyone who enters will receive 10% off their order! Good luck, guys!


Luxury Wooden Watch

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