Braids by Christina

I have never been one to do my hair often. In my morning routine it had always seemed like I was wasting time since I would have to wash it later anyway! But Christina did these beautiful hair styles, and honestly it did not take long at all! Yes yes yes – she is beyond talented, but it still gave me encouragement that I could actually make my hair look nice from time to time, and I don’t have to be an expert at hair styling to do so. She used a wand curling iron and just threw curls in throughout my hair. After that she braided my hair into the style she wanted and then pulled the pieces of the braid apart to give the style a boho, whimsical look. Pulling the braid apart also gives your hair volume! Guys I am so excited to finally post these photos and show you all how awesome Christina is at styling hair! Also, I’ll link products down below 😊

Up above are links to products Christina used to do my hair (Kenra 25, Aveda Air Control, Wand Iron), things I use on my hair or want to start using (I love Moroccan Oil products), and also links to shop similar items to the outfit I am wearing!

Christina also used an amazing Monat product to de-frizz and give my hair brilliance, it is called Rejuveniqe by Monat! Go check it out!

I will be meeting with Christina again next month for more fun styles and I am pumped to show you all the soon to come hair inspiration! Also comment below if you are local to the Indy area – I’d love to give you the info on how you can meet with Christina for a free style session 😊💗

Also check out more on her Instagram! She has so many fun styles posted.

Have a great rest of your week!

A little reminder that the Lord is so good and can offer you great joy and satisfaction that the things of the world cannot! You are loved by your creator – try taking a chance to turn to him first.

Xo, Lauren 💕

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