Greenhouse in the Fall

Hi, everyone! I hope this post is finding you well and will provide you with style advice for the summer to fall transition! To me, the temperature seems to feel like it is still summer but the leaves are changing, pumpkin candles are being lit, and we just want Fall, am I right?! For this transition time I feel like I am dressing for every season of the year! In the morning I want to keep my feet warm, and my arms are always cold, but by mid-day I want nothing more than to be in a light, breezy outfit to keep cool from the intense sun. Well, after many years of this struggle I can say ah-ha! A solution: Skirts or dresses with boots! I’ve been loving skirts or dresses with short, multi-season boots because my feet are warm in the morning, but my legs aren’t hating me for jeans or leggings in the afternoon. To keep my arms warm, I keep a light sweater handy and put it in my bag when I don’t need it. Also, longer skirts could be a more formal look or warm option if you want to change this style up a little! Down below you will find an example of an outfit combo I’ve been loving during this time. Links to items are at the end of the post!

I love fall colors and crunchy leaves!

Side Note: This “skirt” is actually an Anthropologie dress from 2 years ago. I have gotten my full wear out of this dress, and it is such good quality. I decided I was getting tired of wearing it the same way all the time, so I repurposed it for a skirt in this outfit!

Below are links to similar pieces of the outfit and accessories I am wearing in this post! I found items that ar stylish but do not break the bank. Most are under $45!

Specifically what I am wearing:

Violet Dress (worn like a skirt) – Anthropologie.     White Shirt (old)  – Gap.     Boots – Norstrom Rack.                Cross-body Purse – French Connection.    
Thanks for reading! Have a great fall weekend friends.
Xo, Lauren

PS: After spending time in the Greenhouse, I have been thinking about how unique and interesting God’s creations are! He is so creative and brilliant with this Earth, and I can’t help but feel overjoyed when I remember His love for those who bear His image! God created you so intricately – even more so than these beautiful plants! Because he loves you, He has made a way for you to be given grace and have a relationship with Him through His son! I love the stunning creation, but I love our life-saving creator more!

*Thank you to Kristen Copple of Roses Painted Red Photography for the awesome outfit photos!
Also check out her Instagram!

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